About us

We want to combat food insecurity while fostering an environment of connection and compassion in local communities.

For donors: Engage with your favorite local restaurant by donating a meal in-person (online works, too).

For donees: Pick up food that has been donated by someone in your community.

For restaurants: Act as a donation hub and connect more deeply with your community.

Why Give a Meal?

Give a Meal operates indepently of fixed locations and volunteers. We utilize existing restaurant infrastructure for staff and to distribute donations. This means that people can pick up donations on any day, at any of our partner locations.

Why would a local restaurant participate?

We love local business. That’s why Give a Meal not only helps people experiencing food insecurity, but also the participating restaurants. In exchange for acting as a distributor, restaurants gain an alternative revenue stream through Give a Meal donations that helps them stay afloat and connect more deeply with their community.

Do people need a phone to use Give a Meal?

Yes, people do need an internet connected phone to access Give a Meal. However, we partner with local food pantries collecting overflow donations which are then distributed traditionally through their locations.