Find Donated Meals Near You

Together with our partner restaurants and their customers, Give A Meal provides meals to people in need in Brooklyn and beyond.

Why We Exist

We believe in combating food insecurity and fostering an environment of connection and compassion in local communities.

How It Works


Restaurants Sign Up

Restaurants interested in being part of our network enroll as a partner.


Customers Donate Meals

When you dine at a partner restaurant and order something for us, we add it to our meal list.


Anyone Picks Them Up

Pick a meal and it will be prepared and set aside for you, free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Give a Meal?

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Give a Meal is a community-driven initiative that partners with local restaurants to combat food insecurity. We facilitate meal donations from customers to individuals who need them. Our goal is to ensure that everyone in our community has access to a meal.

Who can benefit from Give a Meal?

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Everyone can benefit from Give a Meal! If you're facing food insecurity, you can reserve a meal through our app. If you're able to donate, you can add a meal to your order at a partner restaurant. Restaurants can join us as partners to help their community and boost their business.

How can I support Give a Meal?

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There are several ways to support Give a Meal. You can donate a meal at one of our partner restaurants, spread the word about our program to friends, family, and favorite eateries, or even join us as a restaurant partner.

Does Give a Meal operate in my area?

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Give a Meal is expanding quickly across various cities. You can check our app to see if we're active in your area. If we're not there yet, stay tuned! We're working hard to reach as many communities as possible.

Is Give a Meal a non-profit?

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Give a Meal is an initiative run by Fotura, a digital product studio. While we're not a non-profit, our mission is centered around community service and combating food insecurity.

How does Give a Meal ensure the meals reach the people who need them?

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All donated meals are listed on our app, where they can be reserved by individuals in need. We do not impose any restrictions or require any proof of need to access these meals.

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