Restaurant Partners

With Give a Meal, your restaurant can join a mission to combat food insecurity, while building a stronger community and boosting your business.

How It Works


Register Your Restaurant

Ready to join our mission? Download the Give a Meal Business app and register your restaurant to get started.


Accept Meal Donations

When customers donate a meal, add it to the Give a Meal list using the Give a Meal Business app.


Serve Donated Meals

When someone arrives with their Give a Meal QR code, prepare the meal and hand it over. You've just made someone's day a little brighter!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to partner with Give a Meal?

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No, there's no charge to become a Give a Meal partner. We believe in working together to benefit the community.

What type of restaurants can join Give a Meal?

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We welcome all types of restaurants! From fine dining to fast food, as long as you serve food, you can help serve the community.

How will my restaurant be promoted?

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Your restaurant will appear on the meal list, the occasional social media post, as well as the recent donations slider on the homepage.

Can customers donate any meal?

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That is the idea! However, in the end you decide which items can be donated.

What do we do if someone comes to claim a meal?

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When someone comes to claim a donated meal, they will show a QR code from the Give a Meal app. Simply scan the code using the Give a Meal Business app and provide the meal.


Register your restaurant today

Download our free Give a Meal Business app to register your restaurant and start accepting donations.