Get a Meal

Nobody should go hungry. Pick up nutritious free meals from local restaurants, donated by your community.

How It Works


Get the App

Need a meal? Just download the Give a Meal app, available for both Android and iOS.


Find a Meal

Check out the available free meals nearby on our app and reserve one.


Enjoy Your Meal

Ready to eat? Show the QR code from your app at the restaurant and enjoy your meal. It's that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Give a Meal for me?

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Yes! There are no requirements or documentation required to receive a meal. Food for those in need, no questions asked.

Are the meals only available at certain times?

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Meal availability depends on the operating hours of our partner restaurants.

Can I reserve meals for my family or friends?

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Yes, you can reserve up to three meals at a time.

Do I have to eat my meal at the restaurant?

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No, you can eat wherever you want. If you want to take your food to go, make sure to tell the restaurant when you order your meal.

What if I don't have a smartphone?

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Currently, a smartphone is needed to reserve and collect meals. We are exploring other options for those without smartphone access and will update our community when these are available.

I have dietary restrictions. Can I still get meals?

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Yes, our partner restaurants often provide various meal options. When you browse the app, you can see what each meal includes. Additionally, let the restaurants know of any allergies or restrictions when you pick up the meal.


Get a Meal Today

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